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Frequently Asked Questions...
1. What is Dove-Tail?
2. What is MDF?
3. What is Laminate?
4. What is "Full Extension" and "Over Travel" drawers?
5. What is "Frameless" Construction?
6. What is "highlighting"?
7. What is "Substrate"?
8. What are "Undermount Slides"?

1. What are Dove-Tail Drawers? Top
Dovetail Constructed Drawers: By using a fan-shaped tenon fitting into a corresponding mortise to form a tight interlocking joint. Known for their strength and durability, dovetail drawers are a mark of high-quality construction.

2. What is MDF? Top
MDF: Stands for "medium density fiberboard." MDF is an engineered wood made from compressed and bonded wood fibers. MDF is very dense and stable, allowing for very fine tolerances when machined, and is used as a substrate for some sheet goods and drawers.

3. What is Laminate? Top
Laminate: Is a family of products in which a finish grade material is fused to a substrate. Laminates include LPL (Low-Pressure Laminate) and HPL (High-Pressure Laminate). HPL is thicker, stronger and more durable. Laminate is often used for counter-tops, tabletops and even cabinet facings, as it is very durable and cost effective.  Formica is an actual Brand of laminate. 

4. What are “Full Extension” and “Over Travel” drawers? Top
Full-extension: Type of drawer guide that allows a drawer to open to the full depth, giving easy access to items in the back of the drawer.  Over travel drawers extend more than their actual length, allowing access when the counter type extends beyond the cabinet framework.

5. What is “Frameless” construction? Top
Frameless Construction: In which the hinges are secured to the inside of the cabinet, and the doors overlay the cabinet box, minimizing the space between the doors when closed.  Frameless construction also provides more uniform appearance as the door and drawer fronts fit more closely together and maximize access to the inside of the cabinet.

6. What is “Highlighting”? Top
Highlighting: A unique finish option in which material is applied to detailed areas of wood-paneled doors, fronts and profiled moldings. Highlighting is applied to specific areas rather than the entire surface, resulting in a more refined look than Glazing.

7. What is “Substrate”? Top
Substrate: The material used as a base for Laminates, Thermo-foils and Veneers

8. What are “Undermount Slides”? Top
Substrate: A drawer slide system that is attached to the bottom of a drawer instead of the side, giving a much cleaner look when the drawer is extended. Many of the better quality undermount slides offer full and over extension as well as self-close and “Soft” close features. These add tremendously to your look and feel of a new kitchen or island.